Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Rihanna prefers to promote her native country, Barbados.

In the fashion industry others like to sign contracts with the top brands & innovative, promising labels, Rihanna prefers her homeland for her promotional campaign. This September Barbados will see the famous singer on the Billboards everywhere.



It was not so long ago when popular model Bar Refaeli made the news with her high profile promotional campaign in her native country Israel where she posed against the top locations of Israel including the Holy places. Now it’s the turn of Pop singer and song writer Rihanna to jump into her shoes for her native country, Barbados.  Rihanna will be promoting Babados this September with her killer looks.
R&B star Rihanna has signed on as a spokesmodel for Barbados tourism. Rihanna, 24-year-old was spotted doing a photo shoot for the campaign donning a white long dress and frolicking on the beach this week according to aceShowBiz reports. While Rihanna has earlier been released by cosmetic brand Nivea for being too sexy, Barbados tourist authority believed otherwise and nominated her to be the face for three years.

"Rihanna has signed a three-year contract with the Barbados Tourist Authority (BTA) to promote the island," said Adrian Elcock, BTA chairman. The production on the promotional campaign is expected to begin soon and will be launched in September.

The contract was signed about a year ago between the pop star and her country’s Tourism Authority. The three year deal includes promoting the small exotic island country as a tourist destination. From next month we will all be able to stare at Rihanna riding a horse and posing against some of the most virgin beaches Barbados has to offer.

Her role as the new ambassador of Barbados comes only a short time after Rihanna lost her contract with Nivea. The giant cosmetics company claimed the pop star looked too sexy on billboards, and that the ad does not adhere to the company's purpose. Well, now the new face of Barbados can pose in sexy bikinis and tiny outfits on the exotic beaches as much as she likes. After all, this is going to make Barbados one of the hottest destination attractions for tourists from all around the world.

Adrian Elcock, Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority said that Rihanna happily agreed to support her country on this ad campaign. The campaign is going to be launched next month, and will be spread across the new media, social media and on many subways and billboards. According to Elcock, September is the perfect time for launching the campaign, hence the winter season in Barbados has lots of attractions on and off the beaches. If you ask Rihanna, this is where you wanna spend your winter vacation!